Join me on my journey from USA to bite at a time…….Enjoy!!!!

So, I have been fascinated with the Iraqi culture since I met my amazing husband back in 2002. I have tried so so so many times to Google  and also ask some women how to make Iraqi dishes…however, I never really got anywhere. Trial, error and Google became my cooking buddies. I have kept up my determination to master the Iraqi cuisine, of course it will take me forever, but I am determined!! I will do it. (Insha Allah)  So, on my journey, I was sent the most amazing cookbook by a wonderful friend and sister named Dianna. It has the culture, the origin and the actual recipe for so so so sooooo many Iraqi dishes. So, that would be why I am blogging. I honestly felt like I had been handed a winning lottery ticket. So, here we are. I hope you enjoy this blog as much and more than I will. We do plan to go to Iraq and I will be writing and blogging from there, Insha Allah.

So I guess this is where we begin our journey, one recipe at a time, one photo, one dish and of course this blog. From USA Iraqi style, all the way back to Iraq….Insha Allah…one bite at a time…Enjoy!!!!! 

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