Bourek…very good recipe

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So this is my own version of this recipe. Although I have seen many, they tend to not have enough spices or things in it that we like, so I have altered it.



1-2 eggplant chopped

about 2 lbs maybe 3 beef/lamb mix or just beef or just lamb(ground)

a bunch of parsley chopped

1 onion chopped

4 med potatoes chopped

garlic, salt, pepper, cumin to taste

1 pack of phyllo dough

1 egg plus 1 tsp water for an egg wash (beat together)


it is so easy, fry up the potatoes, onions and parsley together but do not let the potatoes get crispy

add the eggplant and the meat with all of your spices

let it cook together so that the flavors from each melt into each other.

when the ground meat, of your choice, is done then the mixture is finished and set it aside

get your phyllo out and ready and scoop as much as you want into it and roll it, folding the 2 sides in and closing it up with the finishing rolls.

brush with eggwash and cook in an oven on 350F until golden brown

we always serve ours with arabic style yogurt to which i secretly add some garlic too…it just tastes really good to me. I am a garlic fan.

So enjoy!!!!!!!

*hint* when cookingyour meals, prepare ahead….take your time…and enjoy doing it. It always tastes better.



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