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I am super excited about this!!! Ok, so I had asked may people to give me this recipe…I always got “Lah..khalas habibtee I will make it and send it to you for your husband” Seriously? So searching gave me nothing!!! Some yes, but never happened for me. Finally!!!! I have mastered the art offfffffff Qaimar!!! It is this think, soft, melt in your mouth breakfast cheese (so to say) eaten with honey or my favorite, dibis…which is date syrup. Scoop it up with some warm fresh bread in the morning with a nice glass of Iraqi tea….you mouth is having a party while your body is still 1/2 asleep. LOL…so…here goes

1 pint of heavy whipping cream

1 pint of vitamin D milk

you need a heavy bottomed pan for this, not a big pan either, more like a sauce pan

add them to the pot and turn it onto medium and let it get to boiling, but be careful to not let it burn

you need to take it from the heat and set it to the side covered with a thick hand towel so the entire saucepan is covered

let it sit overnight but DO NOT TOUCH IT OR MOVE IT

in the morning, get a plastic spatula and go around the edges of the pan and carefullyyyyyy take the layer out and set it in a dish, covered and refridgerate

the left over liquid in the pot can be redone the same way and set aside again.

My husband said you can actually add cornstarch to the mixture and have it done faster….not sure what I think about that but I may try it next time.

MAKE THE QAIMAR!!!! You will love it!!!

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