About me myself and I…and my family

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I am a wife to a very amazing, mesha Allah, Iraqi man named Tariq and we are the very proud parents of 5 wonderful, mesha Allah, children.
I am an artist, alhumdulillah…which includes many kinds of art…cooking being a big one of them. I love middle eastern cuisine, and have found a superior love for the Iraqi culture and cuisine, which go hand in hand. I was given an Iraqi cookbook as a gift by an amazing friend and sister, which has inspired me to blog and cook….so I am. These recipes I have tried and tested, searched for and found, taken from the wonderful cookbook, or come up with on my own. You may make suggestions on my blog as to what kind of recipes you want to see…I will do my best. I hope and pray, insha Allah that you join me on my journey from USA to Iraq..one bite at a time. Enjoy!!!

Some info about me…Yes I was born in America. My father was Lithuanian, I am still learning that cuisine as well. I was born and raised Roman Catholic…raise your eyebrows now….but coming from a family with little religious affiliation, an alcoholic father and many family issues, I decided to make my own decision, and after being a typically normal American teen ahahahah…oh…I decided to change my way of living and thinking because it was doing nothing but getting me deeper and deeper into trouble.

I was actually introduced to Islam through art work. It amazed me. I went from painting and tagging gang murals and tags to painting and drawing Islamic works or art. I was deeply moved by what I saw and what I had accomplished. Some people may still not understand, but it is ok. I read a book on salat(prayer) that was given to me and it overwhelmed me. I gave up everything stupid and bad to follow what I thought, and still do think, to what is right. I have this deep seeded need to learn everything and anything pertaining to my religion.

I was told “it’s a phase, you’ll grow out of it…or “you’re brainwashed, this is not healthy” but honestly, this is healthy, this is what makes my blood flow calmly through my body and the air move smoothly through my lungs. My religion is not just a religion to do with as I please….it is my entire way of life. Alhumdulillah. I have been Muslim now since 1998…this is not a phase. This is a reality.

6 thoughts on “About me myself and I…and my family

  1. Are you a Shia? I saw you made a comment on a friend of mine in Facebook which is a mutual friend with you! Then I thought Shahin is an Iranian name, she might be Iranian although there is an “Al” at the beginning of your name. So I looked up your facebook page and saw Dharih as your cover photo and thought you might be Shia. Sorry to ask that. You don’t have to answer though!By the way, I would love to use your recipes!

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